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Asia, the largest and most populous continent, is full of exotic atmosphere. Whether you are in search of ancient civilizations, exciting cities, culture, relaxation, or beautiful scenery, Asia offers you really unique experiences. Taking trains in Asia is a fascinating experience and brings you closer to the countries you visit. You can mingle with the locals, and experience local culture.

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Due to the enormous rail networks and foreign features, it may seem complicated to make a train journey in Asia, e.g. how to choose train routes to begin with and what needs to be known in advance. As local specialists, we know the best routes, tips, and ways to get tickets. Here is a quick guide to train travel in Asia.


Indian Train Types and Seat Classes

Indian trains are classified by speed and standard of facilities. Higher fares are charged for the better trains.

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Mongolian Train Types and Seat Classes

Mongolian local passenger trains mainly follow the Trans-Mongolia Line, but stop at more stations.

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Trains Between China and Russia

There are two trains running between China and Russia including Trans-Mongolian Railway.

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How to Buy Trans-Siberian Train Tickets

International train tickets for the Trans-Siberian can be bought in China, Mongolia and Russia.

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