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How to Buy Trans-Siberian Train Tickets

International train tickets for the Trans-Siberian Railway can be bought in three counties: China, Mongolia and Russia. Pre-booking starts 30 days before departure. The original passport or a photocopy of the passport is needed.

There are three ways of purchasing the tickets:

  1. Buying online with a travel agency
  2. Buying at the train station
  3. Buying at a local travel agency

Buying Tickets in China

At the International Ticket Office

Trans-Siberian train tickets can be purchased at the designated international ticket office in Beijing, which is located in the lobby of Beijing International Hotel (address: 9, Jianguomen Inner Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing). You can easily find the hotel in the city center of Beijing.

This international ticket office only accepts cash in CNY, and no English is spoken there. So we don’t recommend you buy Trans-Siberian train tickets there, especially if you are on a tight schedule and if it is during peak season (May to September).

If you are going to purchase tickets at the international ticket office, we suggest you check the updated timetable at China Highlights first. And prepare a note in Chinese and English.

Book Tickets with Train Spread

The more convenient way is to book Trans-Siberian train tickets online. The official website of China Railway Corporation only sells domestic train tickets. There are a few travel agencies in China that can book international train tickets. China Highlights is one of them. Tickets can be booked with us at any time. Our easy-to-use English website provides updated timetables of all the domestic and international trains and we offer continuing after-sale support. International train tickets will be delivered to your hotel or your address in China.

Buying Tickets in Mongolia

The Mongolian Railway official website doesn’t offer online booking service. You can go to the international ticket office to buy Trans-Siberian train tickets. The international ticket office is located on the second floor at Ulaanbaatar Railway Station. But only cash is accepted and no English is spoken.

China Highlights can also book domestic Mongolian train tickets and Trans-Siberian routes departing from Mongolia. Tickets can be sent to your hotel or address in Mongolia.

Buying Tickets in Russia

At Train Stations

You can purchase domestic Russian train tickets and international train tickets, including tickets for Trans-Siberian routes, at any railway station in Russia. You may encounter ticket-running-out situation during peak season.

Book Tickets Online at Russian Rail Official Website

If you need to book tickets in advance, you can make a booking at the official website of Russian Railway at //eng.rzd.ru/. You need to sign in first, create a username and a password. Credit cards are accepted to make the payment. After making the booking successfully, you will receive a reservation number which you need to keep, in order to pick up the paper tickets at the train station.

Book Tickets Online with China Highlights

The most convenient way to book a Trans-Siberian train ticket is with China Highlights. The paper tickets will be delivered, to save you a lot of time and hassle. And our 24/7 after-sale support helps you to have a smooth train trip.

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How to Buy Trans-Siberian Train Tickets

International train tickets for the Trans-Siberian can be bought in China, Mongolia and Russia.

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