Russian Trains

Russia has the third largest rail network in the world, second only to the United States and China. Its rail mileage has a total length of more than 128,000 kilometers, which across 11 time zones. Trains are chosen by most travelers to get around Russia. They are comfortable, safe and well-equipped. In addition to domestic trains, Russia has several high-quality international express trains to France, Germany, the Belarus and other countries in Europe. The well-known Trans-Siberian Railway connects Russia with China vis Mongolia.


These pages will help you understand train travel in Russia and help you arrange your train tickets. The Russia train travel tips include tips for taking a train in Russia, things to know before taking a Trans-Siberian Train Trip and How to take a Trans-Siberian train trip, etc.

Train Travel Routes

Russia’s high developed railway system covers most major cities and connects the Russia with other countries in Europe. Rail routes from Moscow to St. Petersburg, Moscow to Irkutsk, Moscow to Vladimir and Moscow to Kazan are popular and most-traveled rail routes in Russia. There are also international rail routes from Russia such as the famous Trans-Siberian Railway and rail routes to other countries in Europe.

Railway Stations

In Russia, there are several railway stations in major cities. In Moscow, the capital of Russia, there are nine railway stations serving different rail lines. Many of them have a long history. Railway stations in Russia are well-accessed to other parts of the city by subways and local buses. Click the pages below to learn more detailed information.