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Thailand is a Buddhist country. Most people believe in Buddhism and Buddhism has a strong influence on their lives. Many of Thailand’s holidays are related to religion. The most important holiday is the Songkran Festival, which is also celebrated in Laos and Cambodia.

Below is a list of Thailand’s holidays, with dates and brief introductions, to help you plan your itinerary in Thailand.

2020 Public Holidays in Thailand

Name Date in 2020 (and other years) Details
New Year’s Day January 1st This is the first day in the Gregorian calendar and a statutory holiday in most countries.
Children’s Day January 13th (second Saturday of January) Thailand’s Children’s Day is observed on the second Saturday of the first month of the year.
Teacher’s Day January 16th In Thailand, Teacher’s Day is observed on January 16th every year, to remember the important role teachers play in people’s lives. On this day, schools across the country are closed.
Valentine’s Day February 14th A religious festival observed in many countries of the world.
Makha Puja March 1st (the day of full moon of the third lunar month) Also known as Makha Bucha, Makha Puja is a traditional Buddhist holiday observed on March 5th of the Thai solar calendar every year. It is one of the most important Buddhist holidays not only in Thailand, but also in Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos.
On this day, people go to the temple to perform activities such as making merit, burning incense and worshiping Buddha.
Chakri Day April 6th This is a national holiday observed on April 6th, to commemorate the establishment of the Chakuri dynasty on April 6th, 1782.
Songkran Festival April 13–15th Songkran is the most important and grandest festival in Thailand. It lasts three days from April 13th to 15th. April 13th is Thai New Year’s Day, also Thailand's hottest time of year.
At the Songkran Festival, people hold family reunions, go to temples and bless each other by splashing water on each other. There are celebrations in the cities, such as food shows and flower parades.
Labor Day May 1st International holiday
Royal Ploughing Ceremony Day May 14th (varies according to the Hindu calendar) This ceremony is an important royal event held not only in Thailand, but also in some other Asian countries like Cambodia and Myanmar. The date varies according to the Hindu calendar, but it usually falls in May.
Visaka Bucha May 29th (varies according to the Hindu calendar) Visaka Bucha is one of the most important Buddhist events in Thailand. It is observed on the full moon day of the month of Visaka on the Hindu calendar.
Buddhist Lent Day July 29th (varies according to the lunar calendar) Buddhist Lent is a traditional event held for three months. During this time, monks stay in one temple to meditate and learn Dhamma.
Mother’s Day August 13th Thailand’s Mother’s Day falls on August 13th. It is also the current Queen’s birthday.
Loy Krathong November 22nd (varies according to the Thai calendar) Loy Krathong is a major traditional holiday in Thailand, as well as the most poetic festival, and is observed every year on December 15th of the Thai calendar. The date varies on the Gregorian calendar, but usually falls in November.
On this day, people put water lights on the river, representing their hopes and dreams.
Father’s Day December 5th  

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