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Beijing – Zhangjiakou High-Speed Trains

The Beijing – Zhangjiakou High-Speed Railway is an intercity rail route connecting Beijing and Zhangjiakou, one of the host cities for the 2020 Winter Olympics. High-speed trains operate at Beijing North Railway Station and Qinghe Railway Station in Beijing and Zhangjiakou Railway Station in Zhangjiakou City. High-speed trains running on this route are all G-category trains with the top speed of 350 km/h (217 mph). The travel time is about an hour.

The Beijing – Zhangjiakou Intercity Railway is a part of Beijing – Lanzhou Railway and Beijing – Hohhot Railway. It has a branch line to Badaling Great Wall Railway Station.

Beijing - Zhangjiakou High-Speed Train Schedules and Ticket Fares

(Updated on August 20, 2020)

Train Number Departure - Arrival Duration Ticket Fares
G7871 06:10 – 06:57 47 min Second class: US$10-11 (72-79 CNY)
First class: US$16-18 (115-123 CNY) Business class: US$31-34 (216-238 CNY)
G2405 08:00 – 08:59 59 min
G2483 09:18 – 10:11 53 min
G2419 11:18 – 12:28 1 h 10 min
G2511 13:00 – 13:55 55 min
G2515 15:10 – 16:09 59 min
G7879 18:10 – 19:12 1 h 2 min
G2443 20:00 – 21:01 1 h 1 min
  1. There are more than 40 high-speed trains from Beijing to Zhangjiakou. Trains listed above are some of them. Check up-to-date schedules.
  2. The travel time and ticket fares vary according to the departure stations in Beijing. Some depart from Beijing North Railway Station, some from Qinghe Railway Station.

Zhangjiakou to Beijing High-Speed Train Schedules and Ticket Fares

(Updated on August 20, 2020)

Train Number Departure - Arrival Duration Ticket Fares
G7872 07:20 – 08:30 1 h 10 min Second class: US$10-11 (72-79 CNY)
First class: US$16-18 (115-123 CNY)
Business class: US$31-34 (216-238 CNY)
G2410 10:49 – 11:48 59 min
G2416 12:44 – 13:43 59 min
G2422 15:22 – 16:23 1 h 1 min
G7878 16:14 – 17:37 1 h 23 min
G2434 18:21 – 19:27 1 h 6 min
G2490 20:33 – 21:43 1 h 1 min
G2444 21:39 – 22:26 47 min

Seat Classes on Beijing – Zhangjiakou High-Speed Trains

High-speed trains on Beijing – Zhangjiakou rail route provide three types of seats: second class seat, first class seat and business class seat. Second class seat and first-class seat are the most popular among travelers. Business class seat is the most expensive but the most comfortable. Here is the introduction of each type of seat class.

Second Class

Second class seat is the standard type and the cheapest on high-speed trains. It is also the most common types on G, D and C trains. A second-class coach has five seats in a row, two seats on one side of the aisle and three on the other. The configuration is A+B+C and D+F. Seats numbered A and F are window seats.

First Class

First class carriage provides more comfort and privacy than second class. The first-class seat is wider than a second-class seat. First-class seats are arranged as A+C and D+F across the coach width, offering more leg room and elbow room. Moreover, there is an automatic door to separate the coach from the others to keep quiet and private.

Business Class

Business class seats are available on most G-category trains and some D and C-category trains. This is the most luxurious and expensive class on high-speed trains. There are three seats in a row, two seats on one side and one on the other side of the aisle (A+C and F). As first class, there is also an automatic door to keep the coach quiet and private.

How to Board Your Train at Beijing or Zhangjiakou?

Beijing to Zhangjiakou high-speed trains terminate at Beijing West Railway Station and Zhangjiakou South Railway Station, both are well-accessed to downtown areas by city public transport.

Boarding at Beijing North Railway Station

You can take subway lines 2, line 4 and 13 to get to Beijing North Railway Station. The exit A1 and A2 are the closest to Beijing North Railway Station. You can also take bus No. 375, 438 and 632 and get off at Xizhimen North Station. Walk across the street to Beijing North Railway Station.

Boarding at Qinghe Railway Station

Qinghe Railway Station is located in Haidian District, far away from the city center. Subway line 13 connects this station to other parts of the city. It takes around an hour from the Forbidden City to Qinghe Railway Station. 

Boarding at Zhangjiakou Railway Station

Zhangjiakou Railway Station is the only train station in the city of Zhangjiakou. You can take bus No. 10 to get to this station. From the skiing venues of 2022 Winter Olympics, you can take a coach to the Zhangjiakou Coach Station. Then take bus No. 10 to Zhangjiakou Railway Station.

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