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Interesting Facts about Asian Trains

Trains in China

China has the world's largest high-speed rail network, which stretches over 39,000 kilometers (24,2000 miles) and is home to the fastest commercially electric train, the Shanghai Maglev Train, with the operating speed of 430 km/h (267 mph).

It takes only 8 minutes to tavel 30 kilometers (19 miles) by maglev from Shanghai downtown to Pudong International Airport.

shanghai maglev

Shanghai Maglev Train

The CRH380A Hexie is a Chinese high-speed train developed by CSR Qingdao Sifang Locomotive & Rolling Stock Co.,Ltd. It is the second fastest train in the world with the top running speed of 380 km/h (236 mph). This train series has been used on Shanghai - Nanjing and Shanghai - Hangzhou railways.

China high speed train


Most railways in China use the standard track gauge of 1,435 mm in width. However, there are still a few meter-gauge railways remained, such as Kungming - Hekou Railway and China - Myanmar Railway. Because China, Mongolia and Russia have different track gauges, international trains from China to Mongolia and Russia have to change wheels at the border station.

china to mongolia train

Trains in Japan 

Japan has an extensive and very efficient rail network. Shinkansen, Japan's high-speed rail system, is the world's first commercially operating high-speed rail system. It claims to be the safest rail system in the world. Japanese trains are well-known for its punctuality, cleaness and good service.


Japanese High-Speed Train

The Shinkansen E5 series electric bullet train is the fastest high-speed train in Japan. It was officially put into operation on March 5, 2011. Its maximum running speed reaches 320 km/h (198 mph).


Shinkansen E5 Series

Most trains in Japan operate during daytime. The Sunrise Izumo and the Sunrise Seto are the only two long-distance overnight sleeper trains in the country. On their outward journey from Tokyo, the Sunrise Izumo and Suntise Seto are coupled together as one 14-coach train until they reach Okayama. At Okayama Station, these two limited express trains are separated into two 7-coach trains. The Sunrise Izumo goes to Izumo in Shimane Prefecture. The Sunrise Seto goes to the city of Takamatsu in Shikoku Island.


The reason why this train is so popular and being highly praised is that its equipment onboard fully embodies the spirit of Japanese craftsmanship.

Trains in India

Most people's impressions of Indian trains remain the pictures of overcrowded trains with people on the roof or hanging on the side.

indian train

indian train

Actually, these pictures show Indian suburban trains during rush hours or holidays. India's express trains, especially long-distance air-conditioned trains are comfortable, clean, modern and well-equipped.

indian railway

Indian Express Train

Trains in Russia

Russian has one of the largest rail systems in the world. Trains serve almost every town and city in the country.

russian train

Travelling by train is so much more comfortable and exciting than by plane. It is a better way to truly experience the diversity of the coutry's landscape.

russian train

Train stations in Russia take the name of the rail routes' destination stop. So the Leningradsky Station in Moscow serves route from Moscow to St. Petersburg (former the Leningrad), and from St.Petersburg's Finland Station you can hop on a train to Helsinki in Finland.

Trains in Vietnam

Because of Vietnam's narrow width, there is only one main railway line crossing the country, from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, accounting for two thirds od the rail network's total length.

vietnam railway

Vietnamese Train

Vietnam's railway network uses mainly metre gauge. However there are still several standard gauge and mixed gauge rail lines in the north of the country. The railway from Vietnam to China uses standard gauge as Chinese rail lines. So the trains don't need to change wheels when leaving Vietnam for China.

vietnam railway

Da Lat Railway Station

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