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Station Information

Osaka Station (in Japanese: 大阪駅) is located in Umeda District, Osaka. As the largest station in Japan's Kansai region, Osaka Station was put into service on May 11th, 1874 and is mainly operated by West Japan Railway Company (JR-West Japan). The station is the hub for neighboring transportation networks, which puts Osaka in the leading position for politics and business.  

  • Address: 〒530-0001 Umeda, Kita-ku 1-1-3, Osaka 3rd front 32F
  • Station hotline: + 81-663452189

Station Facilities

The whole station – Osaka Station City – has two entrances: the north entrance in the North Gate Building and the south entrance in the South Gate Building. The railway station itself only possesses three floors (from the first floor to the third floor). On other floors in the complex, visitors can find stores, markets, restaurants, and entertainment. The North Gate Building and the South Gate Building are connected on the first floor, third floor, and fifth floor.  



Opening Times

First floor

Train and Tourist Information


Foreign Currency Exchange

10:30–19:30 (weekdays)

10:30–19:00 (Saturdays)

10:30–18:30 (Sundays)

The Central Ticket Office


Lost and Found


Third floor

Osaka Station City Information


Tourist Service Center


The Bus Terminal

Address: first floor, the North Gate Building

Bus availability: city buses, long-distance express buses


As the largest station in western Japan, Osaka Station is the hub for many train lines. In the following table, you can see the list of JR lines in Osaka Station.

JR, namely the Japan Railway Group (Japan Railways), is Japan's major railway company group. Its predecessor was Japan National Railways (referred to as "National Railways", which commonly used its abbreviated name of "JNR"). Japan National Railway was divided into seven companies in 1987. The original state-owned operating rights were transferred to private enterprises (the national railway division was privatized) and the companies it separated into were collectively referred to as "Japan Railways".

Tips: Osaka Station doesn’t have any Shinkansen (bullet trains). If you want to experience a bullet train, then you should buy tickets and board the train at Shin-Osaka Station.



Name of JR Line

Main Stations/Cities Passed By


The Osaka Loop Line

Inner ring

Nishikujō, Shitennoji direction



Universal Studios Japan, Sakurajima direction

Yamato road express

Nara, Kamo direction


The Osaka Loop Line

Outer ring

 Kyobashi, Tsuruhashi direction


JR Kobe Line


Itami, Fukuchiyama direction


JR Kobe Line

Sannomiya-eki, Kamiike direction


JR Takarazuka Line


Kobe, Mita direction


JR Kyoto Line


Shin-Osaka, Kyoto, Takatsuki


Urgent Platform

Neighborhood Around Osaka Station

Where to Stay Near Osaka Station

There are many hotels near Osaka Station. These include tourist hotels, business hotels, budget hotels, and traditional ryokans. Some of them are really close to Osaka Station.

The following one is right inside the station building:

Hotel Granvia Osaka (located inside the South Gate Building)


Daimaru department store (inside the station building)

Lucua and Isetan department stores (inside the station building)

Hankyu Umeda Department Store

Hanshin Department Store Umeda


Finding a restaurant near Osaka Station is very easy. Here is a list of the top nine restaurants in 2019:

Wolfgang's Steakhouse Osaka

The Cosmopolitan Grill Bar Terrace

Barbacoa Churrascaria Umeda

Umeda ZIPANGU by Nadaman

Bulgari Il Café Osaka

BLT Steak Osaka

Hanano - The Westin Osaka

Kokyu - The Westin Osaka

Amadeus - The Westin Osaka

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