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Tokyo Station is one of the major train stations in Tokyo (other major train stations include Shinjuku Station, Shibuya Station and Shinagawa Station, etc.), as well as the largest and busiest train stations in Japan, departing more than 3,000 daily trains, to almost every major cities of the country. Not only is it the most important terminus in Japan's shinkansen network, but it is also the terminus for all the main classic rail lines.

Quick Facts

  • Opened: 1914
  • Japanese: 東京駅 / とうきょうえき
  • Address: 1 Chome Marunouchi, Chiyoda City, Tokyo
  • Location: Chiyoda, near Marunouchi and the Imperial Palace
  • Operated by: JR East, JR Central, Tokyo Metro
  • Size: 15 platforms, 30 tracks

tokyo station

Shinkansen Lines Served By Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station is the terminal for several shinkansen lines. You can use JR Pass to take all shinkansen trains at Tokyo Station except Nozomi and Mizuho trains on Tokaido Shinkansen.

JR Central

JR East

tokyo station

Classic Rail Lines Served by Tokyo Station

Several important classic rail lines stop at Tokyo Train Station, and will get you to tourist attractions in Tokyo and the country. All classic JR trains from Tokyo Station, including Narita Express, are covered by Japan Rail Pass.

JR East

  • Chuo Main Line (中央本線): Tokyo – Nagoya
  • Sobu Main Line (総武本線): Tokyo – Choshi
  • Yokosuka Line (横須賀線): Tokyo – Kurihama
  • Keiyo Line (京葉線): Tokyo – Chiba
  • Yamanote Line (山手線): Tokyo – Shinagawa
  • Tokaido Main Line (東海道本線): Tokyo – Kobe

JR East & JR Central

  • Narita Express: Tokyo – Narita International Airport. This is the most convenient way traveling between Tokyo and Narita International Airport. JR Pass holders can take this express line for free.

Tokyo Metro Lines Served by Tokyo Station

  • Marunouchi Line: this metro line in Tokyo operated by Tokyo Metro. It runs between Ogikubo Station in Suginami and Ikebukuro Station in Toshima. JR Pass doesn't cover Tokyo Metro lines.

Using the Station

The main building on the ground floor of Tokyo Station is roughly divided into the inner station of Marunouchi on the west side of the station, and the Yaesu side station building on the east side of the station area. The shinkansen lines are on the Yaesu side. Each side has three entrance gates.

The underground part of the station connects to Tokyo metro lines. It also has platforms the serve classic rail lines of Yokosuka, Sobu and Keiyo.

ticket gates at tokyo station


Platforms 20-22: Sanyo Shinkansen

  • Platforms 1-3: Haruka limited express, Kuroshio limited express, Osaka Higashi Line
  • Platforms 4: Hida limited express, Thunderbird limited express
  • Platforms 5-8: JR Kyoto Line
  • Platforms 9-10: Kounotori limited express, Super Hakuto limited express

Transportation to/from Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station is covered by a dense network of train, subway and bus lines, which are operated by different companies. The train lines operated by the JR Group and the subway lines are most convenient for moving around Tokyo Station.

From Tokyo Station to Shinjuku Station

  • Subway: Tokyo Metro Chiyoda taking around 15 minutes.
  • JR Train: JR Yamanote taking around 30 minutes.

From Tokyo Station to Shibuya Station

  • Subway: Tokyo Metro Marunouchi taking around 20 minutes.
  • JR Train: JR Yamanote taking around 25 minutes.

From Tokyo Station to Shinagawa Station

  • Shinkansen: Shikansen Nozomi (not covered by JR Pass), Shinkansen Kodama (covered by JR Pass) and Shinkansen Hikari (covered by JR Pass), taking around 10 minutes.
  • JR Train: JR Yamanote taking around 15 minutes.

Surroundings Around Tokyo Station


  • Marunouchi Building
  • Tokyo Imperial Palace
  • Tokyo Character Street
  • Tokyo Station Gallery
  • Mitsubishi Lchigokan Museum


  • Tokyo Station Hotel
  • Hotel Metropolitan Tokyo Marunouchi
  • Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo

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