China Trains

China railway is developing really fast, especially its high-speed railway. China has one of the biggest and busiest rail networks in the world, as well as the world's longest high-speed railway network. Chinese trains are a comfortable, safe and punctual way to travel around China and have become a popular choice for travelers.


These pages will help you understand train travel in China and help you arrange your train tickets. The China train travel tips include how to book China train tickets and what it is like to take a train in China, etc.

Train Travel Routes

China’s railway network covers almost every city and town. There are several main rail lines in the network, including 4 vertical (north-south) lines and 4 horizontal (east-west) lines. More and more rail lines are available for high-speed trains. Click below to learn more detailed information.

Railway Stations

China has more than 6,000 railway stations. Major cities usually have more than two railway stations. The early-built railway stations mainly operate regular trains and are usually situated in the city center. The newly newly-built railway stations mainly serve high-speed trains and are located far from the city center.