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China Train Baggage Allowance

Your luggage needs to be checked before entering the station building. Just like taking a flight, there is a baggage allowance to adhere to when taking a train. Please read on to see more information.

How Much Luggage is Allowed on China Trains?

According to China rail policy, there are limits on the weight and size of passengers’ luggage.

Free Weight Allowance

  • Adult: No more than 20 kg (44 pounds) per person
  • Child (including those traveling for free): No more than 10 kg (22 pounds) per person
  • Diplomat: No more than 35 kg (77 pounds) per person

Baggage Size Allowance

For high-speed trains (G, D and C-category trains):

  • The total of the three dimensions cannot exceed 130 cm (51 inch).
  • A rod-shaped item cannot exceed 130 cm (51 inch).

For normal trains (Z, T, K and four-digit trains):

  • The total of the three dimensions (length + width + height) of each item must not exceed 160 cm (63 in).
  • The exception is a rod-shaped item (like a fishing rod in its case, or a tube containing a painting), which must not exceed 200 cm (79 in). Width restrictions are not specified, but presumably "rod-shaped items" must be less than about 10 cm (4 in) in diameter.


1. In practice, the luggage weight and size limitations at the train stations are not as strict as at an airport. It is OK if the size or weight of your luggage exceed a little.

2. The luggage allowance is not applicable to wheelchairs. Wheelchairs can be brought onboard for free.

What Things Cannot be Brought onto a China Train?

The following things cannot be brought onto a China train:

  • Dangerous items: any weapons, such as knives and guns, and offensive items, including imitation guns, and any type of bullets
  • Explosives: items with an explosive quality, such as firecrackers, industrial alcohol as well as drinking alcohol in loose packing, decoration paint, gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil.
  • Compressed gases: petroleum gas, coal gas, oxygen, hydrogen, etc.
  • Flammable liquids: alcohol, adhesives, thinners, spray paint, gasoline and other fuel oils, etc.
  • Highly-flammable solids: camphor, hexamine and other solid fuels, etc.
  • Poisons: arsenic trioxide and all types of "toxins", pesticide powder, termite powder, pesticide spray, etc.
  • Live animals, except for guide dogs.
  • Magnetic materials that may interfere with the train's signal

These items below can be brought on a train, but in limited quantities:

  • Lighters: no more than two lighters
  • Cigarettes: no more than 50 cartons
  • Drinking alcohol: at most 6 bottles with 50% or less vol. The bottles must be unpacked without removing the labels of product specifications and parameters.
  • Nail polisher, hair dye, Aerosol spray cans containing hairspray: less than 20ml (0.68 ounce).

Where to Store Baggage on China Trains?

On High-Speed Trains

Baggage can be placed on racks above the seats. Most suitcases can fit except the very large ones. The large suitcases that are over 24 inches can be placed behind the last row of seats or in a luggage closet at the end of each coach. It is recommended that you put your luggage near your seat. Do not put valuables in suitcases that you cannot keep an eye on.

On Normal-Speed Trains

In soft sleeper and superior soft sleeper carriages, there are also luggage racks on the wall opposite to the berths. You can also put your baggage into the luggage closets beside the upper berth, which are above the door inside the compartment. Large and heavy suitcases can be placed under the lower berth.

In hard sleeper carriages: luggage can be placed in the racks on the wall opposite the berths, or under the lower berth.

In seat carriages: space is limited in the hard seat or soft seat carriages. There are luggage racks above the seats. You can also place your luggage under the table between two rows of seats.

Baggage Consignment

If you have too much luggage or oversized luggage or a bicycle, you can place them in consignment. Each train station has a consignment office providing luggage transport service.

Consignment Fee

The consignment fee is not included in the ticket price. It is based on the baggage weight and travel distance.

If You Take a Normal-Speed Train

Most of normal-speed trains have freight carriage. Your luggage will be transported in the same train with you and can be collected upon your arrival.

If You Take a High-Speed Train

However, high-speed trains (G, D, C-category trains) do not have freight carriages. This means if you take a high-speed train, your luggage will be on an earlier or later normal-speed train. If your luggage arrives at the destination earlier than you, the arrival station will keep it for three days for free. If it arrives later, the train station will notify you on its arrival.

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