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Join in Train Spread's Affiliate Program

Unlock the full earning potential of your exceptional website! If you're looking to maximize your revenue streams, consider joining our lucrative affiliate program. Explore the exciting possibilities of our collaboration by delving into the details below. Your website deserves to thrive, and Train Spread, the premier train ticket booking brand under the umbrella of China Highlights, is here to help you.

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Are you our potential partners?

Are you considering a partnership with us? Uncertain about the potential success of collaborating with our affiliate program? Let's clear up any doubts.

Diversify Your Earnings: If you already have a well-established and highly efficient method for earning income, you may not find it necessary to partner with us. However, if you're currently relying solely on Google AdSense, reach out to us at fabio@chinahighlights.com to explore new opportunities.

Ideal for Travel Enthusiasts: If you operate a travel-related website, especially one focused on train travel, you're in for an excellent fit. A China train travel website aligns perfectly with our affiliate program.

Ethical Practices Only: We value transparency and ethical practices. If you adhere to a no-black-hat technique policy, you'll find our approach resonates with your values, just like it does with most webmasters.

What are our products?

At Train Spread, we specialize in providing ticket booking services for China domestic trains and trains connecting China to Laos. Leveraging our extensive 65 years of experience as a China travel agency, we've now expanded our offerings.

If you're interested in selling our comprehensive tour packages, we invite you to reach out to us. For more details and inquiries, please feel free to send an email to fabio@chinahighlights.com.

Why Choose to Collaborate with Us Instead of Others?

Legacy in Tourism Since 1959: With a rich history dating back to 1959, we've been deeply ingrained in the tourism industry. Originating by exclusively serving tour groups in Guilin, we have evolved, and since the launch of our first website, China Highlights, in 1998, we've expanded our services to cover tours all across China. Train ticket booking is just one facet of our comprehensive offerings.

Resilience During Covid-19: Amid the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, while many of our partners and competitors shifted their focus to other industries, we, as avid travel enthusiasts, persevered. Overcoming the difficulties, we witnessed the resurgence of the tourism industry. If you share our belief in the enduring power of tourism, collaborating with us ensures a mutually beneficial outcome.

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We were optimistic during the Covid-19 period 

Proven Success in 2023: In the year 2023, the first year post the reopening of China's tourism sector, we successfully facilitated train ticket bookings for over 10,000 travelers. This marked a significant recovery following the global disruptions caused by the pandemic. With approximately 90% of train routes reopened in China and a surge in both tourism and international trades, our business experienced rapid growth, a trend we anticipate to extend into 2024 and beyond.

Trustworthy Reputation on Trust Pilot: Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our outstanding Trust Pilot rating of 4.9, based on 1,256 reviews (still increasing). Visit our Trust Pilot page to see firsthand feedback from our customers. https://www.trustpilot.com/review/chinahighlightstrain.com

How to sell our products?

Text or Image Links:

  • We'll provide you with a unique ID.
  • Simply add a link to our website using the provided ID.
  • When your website visitors click on the link and make a booking, you can track the bookings in the database we'll send you.
  • Request digital posters from us, and we'll create eye-catching visuals for you to display alongside the link.

The cookies associated with the link last for 30 days. Example link format: https://www.trainspread.com/redirect.asp?t=YourID&url=https://www.trainspread.com

Search Engine Integration:

  • We'll generate a section of codes for you, including your unique ID.
  • Simply paste the provided code onto any page of your website.
  • The search engine functionality will appear seamlessly for your visitors.
  • Feel free to test the search engine as below.

How to calculate commission?

Less than 50 Successful Bookings per Month:

Commission: $1 USD for every successfully booking.

More than 50 Successful Bookings per Month:

Commission: $2 USD for every successfully booking.

Over 100 Bookings per Month:

While there isn't an option for $3 USD commission due to the small profit margins in train ticket bookings, we encourage collaboration in tour package bookings to accommodate larger ambitions.

Suggestion for Ambitious Goals:

For those aiming for over 100 bookings per month, we recommend exploring a partnership in tour package bookings. The commission structure for this service is more intricate. For detailed information on calculating commissions for tour packages, please contact fabio@chinahighlights.com. Check out our tour package website China Travel.

Learn about our most successful partners

Currently, we have established partnerships with over 30 websites, and some of our most successful collaborators include:


Mark, the owner of Seat61, is a dedicated train travel enthusiast turned professional. Having transitioned his hobby into a full-time job, Mark recommends us as the top choice for China train ticket booking. Explore the China section on Seat61: Seat61 China Section


A globally recognized travel booking website, Rome2Rio features our train ticket booking services for various routes, including Guilin-Guangzhou and Beijing-Shanghai. Search on Rome2Rio to discover our offerings.

China Train 12306

Jack, a former colleague, transformed his passion for travel into a personal blog, China Train 12306. While no longer in the tourism industry, Jack remains an avid traveler. Through his blog, he not only contributes to train ticket bookings but also generates inquiries for tour packages.