Korea Trains

South Korea's railways have a history of more than 100 years. At present, the rail network covers most all the important cities of the country. Trains are a fast, comfortable and safe way to travel around South Korea.


According to the speed and facilities, trains in South Korea are classified into three types: high-speed trains like KTX trains, electric multiple units including ITX trains and Nuriro trains, and diesel electric multiple units like Mugunghwa-ho and Saemaeul-ho.

Train Travel Routes

In South Korea’s rail network, there are four high-speed railways. The most important and most heavily traveled one is the Gyeongbu Line, which connects Seoul, the capital, with Busan via Suwon, Daejeon and Daegu. In addition to high-speed trains, express trains and local trains also run on this rail route. Other major rail lines include Honam Line, Jeolla Line and Gyeongjeon Line. Both high-speed and regular services are available on those rail lines.

Railway Stations

In South Korea, there are usually more than one railway station in major cities. It is recommended that you get to know the information about railway stations in advance before traveling. These pages have detailed information on South Korea’s major railway stations.