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If you are seeking a convenient and affordable way to travel around Asia, while enjoying local landscapes and life along the way, traveling by train is a good idea. The difficulty lies in finding out where to buy tickets and how to do train travel in Asia. That’s where Train Spread comes in. We are a team of Asia train travel experts since 2006.

We understand that many ticket agents offer train tickets booking service in Asia and the booking policies are almost the same. What’s the difference between us? We’re ticket agent with warm temperature but not cold machine. We offer not only assistance before booking, but also continuing support after sales. We provide not only standard answers, but also personalized services. We have ability to solve problems in special situations.

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We aim to let the warm service accompany you to experience the whole journey. We have received more than 2,000 great reviews on social media. The reviews tell the stories between customers and us. If you have interest, please click the link to read the stories.

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Book your train tickets in China by following a few simple steps. Let us help you make your booking hassle-free.

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