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Shanghai Train Stations

As one of the most important transportation hubs in China, Shanghai gathers many rail lines.  It has convenient train services for tourists to many destinations throughout China.

There are three main train stations in Shanghai: Shanghai Railway Station, Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station and Shanghai South Railway Station.

Shanghai Railway Station

  • Chinese: 上海站
  • Location: near city center
  • Address: 303 Moling Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai 上海市静安区秣陵路303号

Shanghai Railway Station has a long history and was renovated in 2010. It is about 15 kilometers (9 miles) to Shanghai South Railway Station, 20 kilometers (13 miles) to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station and Hongqiao International Airport and 48 kilometers (30 miles) to Pudong International Airport.

Shanghai Railway Station connects to most major cities nationwide by rail routes. Most of the rail lines to/from Shanghai Railway Station are regular ones, including lines to Beijing, Xi’an and Guangzhou. A few are high-speed lines to Beijing, Hangzhou and Suzhou. In addition, the through trains to Hong Kong are also operated here.

Transportation to/from Shanghai Railway Station

You can take subway line 1, 3, or 4 to Shanghai Railway Station; bus 106, 115, 117, 305, or 306 to its north square; bus 328, 573, 955, Pudong Airport Shuttle Bus Line 5, or Nanxin Special Line to its bus terminal; or bus 95, 104, 109, 113, 306 to its south square. By taxi, it takes about 30 minutes from Shanghai South Railway Station or 50 minutes from Shanghai Hongqiao Station.

Guide on Shanghai Railway Station

Subway line 1 goes to Shanghai Railway Station’s south square and subway lines 3 and 4 got to the north square. Taxis stop at the north square or south square. If you have a ticket, you can enter the station directly through the north or south entrances via a passport, ticket, and security check. If not, first go to a ticket office on the north or south square to buy one.

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station

  • Chinese: 上海虹桥站
  • Location: near Hongqiao International Airport
  • Address: 1500 Shengui Road, Minhang District, Shanghai 上海市闵行区申贵路1500号

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station is the biggest and most modern high-speed train station in the city. It is located just beside Hongqiao International Airport. There is a passage connects Hongqiao Station to terminal building 2 of the airport. Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station is about 20 kilometers (12 miles) to the city center and 60 kilometers (37 miles) to Pudong International Airport.

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station operates most high-speed trains to/from Shanghai, including high-speed trains from Shanghai to major cities such as Beijing, Changsha, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Suzhou and Nanjing, to tourist cities such as Huangshan, Guilin, Yiwu, Dalian and Kunming.

Transportation to/from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station

You can take subway line 2, 10, or 17 to get to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station or these buses: 941, Hongqiao Line 5, Hongqiao Line 4, Hong Qiao Line 9, or Pudong Airport Shuttle Bus Line 1. By taxi, it takes about 45 minutes from Shanghai Railway Station or 1 hour 15 minutes from Pudong International Airport.

Guide on Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station

The subway stop is on -1F (the basement floor). Buses stop at the west or east side of the station. Taxis can stop at the entrance to the waiting halls on 2F (floor 2). When you have a ticket, enter the station’s 2Fwaiting area room via the security/ticket check. There are ticket offices on -1F and 2F and escalators between the floors.

Shanghai South Railway Station

  • Chinese: 上海南站
  • Address: 289 Humin Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai 上海市徐汇区沪闵路289号

Shanghai South Railway Station is about 11 kilometers (6 miles) from Nanjing Road, 17 kilometers (11 miles) from Hongqiao Railway Station and Hongqiao International Airport and 48 kilometers (30 miles) from Pudong International Airport.

Shanghai South Railway Station operate normal-speed trains to major cities in the south such as Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Guilin, Kunming, Chongqing and Chengdu. It also provides ordinary rail services to adjacent tourist cities including Kunshan, Wuhu and Wuxi.

Transportation to/from Shanghai South Railway Station: you can take subway line 1 and line 3 from Shanghai South to other train stations in the city, as well as two airports.

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