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How to Buy Vietnamese Train Tickets

Traveling by train is a popular way of getting around Vietnam. Not only because you can get to almost every major city by train, but also because of the stunning scenery along the way. The Hue to Da Nang railway line is considered one of the most beautiful lines in the world.

There are four ways of buying Vietnamese train tickets.

  1. Online with a reliable travel agency
  2. From the official Vietnam Railway website
  3. At a train station
  4. At a local travel agency

When Are Tickets Available?

Vietnamese train tickets are available for purchase 60 days in advance. For a couple of long-distance trains, tickets are available for sale 90 days before departure.

Buying Tickets Online with Train Spread

It is quick and convenient to buy Vietnamese train tickets on Train Spread. Online and offline, we always go the extra mile to save you time and hassle.

Train Spread features:

  • An easy online English booking system, for both domestic and international trains
  • Up-to-date train schedules and fares
  • Helpful instructions for train travel in Vietnam
  • Excellent consulting service and after-sale support

Tickets on Train Spread are available for purchase more than 90 days before departure. After they have been issued, e-ticket confirmation will be sent to you via email.

To board the train, just print out your e-tickets, or collect paper tickets at an automatic ticketing machine in the station (the machines feature English).

Train tickets are very popular during holidays. It is advisable to book tickets early.

Children's tickets

  • Children under 5-years of age can travel free, without a seat/berth.
  • Children between 5 and 9 years of age need to buy children’s tickets, which are cheaper than adult tickets.
  • Children above 9 years of age need to buy adult tickets, at full fare.

Buying Tickets on the Official Vietnam Railway Website

The official Vietnam Railway website //dsvn.vn was launched in 2014. It uses Vietnamese. You can change to English by clicking a button on the top-right corner. Some of the instructions, however, are still in Vietnamese. You can check ticket availability, train schedules and ticket prices on this website.

The official website doesn’t charge a service fee. Only bank cards, however, are acceptable for payment. A confirmation will be sent to you after tickets have been issued.

Buying Tickets at a Train Station

Most major train stations are centrally located and it is easy to get to them. But be prepared for long queues at the windows.

Only cash is accepted at a train station. Most staff at the station cannot speak English. A couple of train stations in Vietnam have a window designated for foreign passengers, but they always have a long queue.

To avoid language problems and save you time, you are recommended to prepare a note in Vietnamese including information such as intended train number, departure date, departure and arrival stations, and seat class.

Buying Tickets at a Local Travel Agency

Generally, most local travel agencies and hotels can help you book train tickets, for an extra charge. Staff at many hotels or travel agencies can speak English. International bank cards are accepted when forwarding payments. 

How to Buy International Tickets from Vietnam

The international train linking Vietnam and China is between Hanoi and Nanning. Like domestic tickets, international train tickets can be bought either online or offline.

Buying International Tickets Online

The most convenient way to buy an international train ticket from Vietnam to China is to book online with a reliable travel agency like Train Spread or China Highlights. Reservations open 20 days prior the journey.

But you can book tickets on the given websites more than 20 days in advance. Issuing then begins as soon as the tickets are released. After the tickets have been issued, we will deliver them to your hotel or address in Vietnam.

Copies of passports and Vietnamese visas are required when booking international tickets online.

Buying Tickets Offline

You can also buy international train tickets at Hanoi or Gia Lam Railway Stations. Gia Lam Station is around 5 kilometers from Hanoi city center.

Both stations have international ticket offices, where the staff can speak English. Although the train to China departs from Gia Lam Railway Station, you can buy a ticket at either of the two stations.

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