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Railway Stations in Hanoi

Vietnam’s capital Hanoi is located in the north of Vietnam. It is the country’s historic and ancient capital, with a history of more than 1,000 years. Its long history has given it a legacy of many historic sites and cultural relics.

Hanoi is sometimes referred to as the country’s “Transportation Artery”, for several railway lines originate from there. There are three railway stations in Hanoi: Hanoi Station, Gia Lam Station and Long Bien Station. Long Bien Station is rarely used now.

Hanoi Railway Station

  • Vietnamese: GA HA NOI
  • Address: 120 Le Duan Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.
  • Size: 9 platforms

Hanoi Station is located in the city center, beside Hanoi’s old city. It is about 1 kilometer from the well-known Hoan Kiem Lake.

This French-style station is the main station in the city, as well as one of the most important transportation hubs in the country. It is a terminal station for most domestic trains. Trains from Hanoi mainly depart to southern cities, including Ho Chi Minh City, Hue, Da Nang and Sapa.

Hanoi Station has an international ticket window (window number 2), providing ticketing services for foreigners. The staff at the international ticket window can speak English. No English is spoken at the other ticket windows.

Gia Lam Railway Station

  • Vietnamese: GA GIA LAM
  • Address: Long Bien, Hanoi
  • Size: 1 platforms

Gia Lam Station is a small station located in the northeast of Hanoi, about 5 kilometers from the city center. Trains from Hanoi to the northern cities, including Lao Cai and Sa Pa, depart from here. It is also the terminal station for international trains T8701 and T8702, to Nanning and Beijing, China, respectively.

Public Transport to Train Stations in Hanoi


Buses run to almost all the main destinations in the city of Hanoi. The price is VND 5,000 per person. Because of language problems, however, it might be difficult for foreign travelers to get around by bus.


If you want to take a taxi in Hanoi, choose a reliable taxi company so you won’t be overcharged or detoured. Malinh, with green-and-white taxis, is known as the most reliable taxi company.


If you are traveling alone, then motorbike is a good option for getting around. It is a main means of transportation for local people in Vietnam. In this traffic-clogged city of Hanoi, motorbikes can easily drive through the narrow streets and lanes.


It is said that the cyclo is a must for foreign travelers who want to experience Vietnam. A cyclo is a three-wheeled bicycle. There is a 2-person seat in front, and the driver drives the bicycle using the pedals at the back.

Cyclos are a cheap, flexible and convenient means of transportation for short-distances in the city. But remember to negotiate the price before you get on.

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