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Holidays in Russia

Russia is a country with a long history where eastern and western cultures collide. That’s why the Russian calendar is filled with a variety of holidays. They are divided into four categories, Soviet holidays, traditional holidays, Orthodox holidays and new holidays of the Russian Federation.

  • Soviet holidays include international holidays and national Russian holidays, such as International Women’s Day, May Day Holiday, Children’s Day, Teacher’s Day, October Revolution Day, etc.
  • Traditional holidays, for example Defender of the Fatherland Day
  • Orthodox holidays include Orthodox Christmas Day and Orthodox Easter Day, etc.
  • New holidays of the Russian Federation include Russia Day and Unity Day, etc.

Russian Holidays in 2020

Name Date in 2020 (other years) Details
New Year Holiday Week January 1st – 8th The new year’s holiday week is from January 1st to January 8th.
Orthodox Christmas Day January 7th Orthodox Christmas is mainly celebrated in central and eastern Europe to remember Jesus Christ’s birth, on around January 7th.
Old New Year January 14th  
Defender of the Fatherland Day February 23rd It is a national holiday, also known as “Men’s Day”, which is celebrated on February 23rd each year.
International Women's Day March 8th  
Orthodox Easter Day April 8th (varies from March 22nd to April 25th) The date of Orthodox Easter Day varies, based on the Julian calendar. This holiday is set to celebrate Jesus' resurrection and usually falls on a Sunday.
Labor Day Holiday May 1st  
Victory Day May 9th – 11th The Victory Day is celebrated on May 9th each year, to commemorate Soviet Union’s victory in the Great Patriotic War. On this day, schools, companies and government offices are closed for celebration.
Russia Day June 12th – 15th The Russia Day, also known as the “Russian Independence Day”, was celebrated since June 12th, 1992, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.
Unity Day November 3rd - 4th The Unity Day, also called “National Unity Day”, is celebrated on November 4th every year to remember the Russian Revolution to get free from Polish occupation.

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