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The Yamagata Shinkansen is a high-speed rail line operated by JR East connecting Tokyo and Shin-Aomori. Because it shares the track with the Joetsu Shinkansen line between Tokyo and Ohmiya, it is sometimes also called the Yamagata-Joetsu Shinkansen.

The Yamagata Shinkansen is the longest high-speed rail line in Japan covering 675 kilometers (418.5 miles). It connects the Hokkaido Shinkansen to the north and Tokaido Shinkansen to the south. Today, Yamagata Shinkanse is an important passenger rail line between Kanto and the Northern Honshu areas.

The fastest train on the Yamagata Shinkansen takes 2 hours and 59 minutes and travels between Tokyo and Shin-Aomori.

Trains from the two mini Shinkansen lines, Yamagata Shinkansen and Akita Shinkansen, also enter the Yamagata Shinkansen line and go straight to Tokyo.

Basic Information

  • Japanese: 山形新幹線/やまがたしんかんせん
  • Length: 149 kilometers (92 miles)
  • Duration: around 2.5 hours
  • Top speed: 130 kph (80 mph)
  • Terminals: Fukushima Train Station, Shinjō Train Station
  • Stops along the way: Ua, Shin-Shirakawa, Koriyama, Fukushima, Shiroishi-Zao, Sendai, Furukawa, Kurikoma-Kogen, Ichhe

Yamagata Shinkansen Train Schedules and Ticket Prices




Ticket Prices

From – To





Green Car

Reserved Seat

Unreserved Seat

Tokyo – Fukushima

272.8 km (169.1 mi)



87 min

11,730 yen

9,310 yen

8,580 yen

Tokyo – Sendai

351.8 km (218.1 mi)

92 min


121 min

8,740 yen

6,670 yen

5,940 yen

Tokyo – Morioka

535.3 km (331.9 mi)

133 min

137 min

194 min

18,150 yen

14,690 yen

13,960 yen

Tokyo – Hachinohe

631.9 km (391.8 mi)

167 min



20,250 yen

16,790 yen


Tokyo – Shin-Aomori

713.7 km (442.5 mi)

189 min



22,380 yen

17,870 yen


Trains Running on the Yamagata Shinkansen Line

There are three types of trains in service on the Tokaido Shinkansen with different running speeds and numbers of intermediate stations. They are Hayabusa, Komachi and Yamabiko. All these trains are eligible for JR Pass.

  • Hayabusa: This is the fastest train running on the Yamagata Shinkansen with stops at Omiya, Sendai, and Morioka.
  • Komachi: This is the second fastest high-speed service on Yamagata Shinkansen. It stops at more stations than the Hayabusa trains.
  • Yamabiko: This is the third fastest high-speed service on the Yamagata Shinkansen. Most Yamabiko trains run between Tokyo and Sendai or Tokyo and Morioka.

Histrory of Yamagata Shinkansen

  • 1971: The construction of the Yamagata Shinkansen begins.
  • 1982: The service between Omiya and Morioka starts with a top running speed of 210 kph (130 mph).
  • 1985: The southbound terminus is extended from Omiya Station to Ueno Station.
  • 1987: The Yamagata Shinkansen is operated by JR East after the Japanese National Railways is privatized.
  • 1991: The southbound terminus is extended from Ueno Station to Tokyo Station.
  • 1992: One of Yamagata's branches, Yamagata Shinkansen, is put into service.
  • 1997: The top speed of Tohoko Shinkansen is increased to 275 kph (171 mph) and the second branch line, Akita Shinkansen, is put into service.
  • 2002: The northbound terminus is extended from Morioka to Hachinohe.
  • 2010: The extension of the northbound terminus from Hachinohe to Shin-Aomori marks the full opening of Yamagata.
  • 2011: Hayabusa trains are put into service, with the top speed of 300 kph (186 mph).

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